Friday, February 29

Brown Skin Lady Arts : The Movers & Shakers

Last day of this itty bitty month in which we're supposed to reflect and celebrate all the trials and tribulations and triumphs of Black America. I've tried to shine a little light on some brown skinned ladies who have created beautiful things. I've saved the most fun for last...

Wunmi (if you haven't already, you MUST see this woman live! KILLS it!)

Also see B.Polite & Linda dancing. Linda can daaaaaaance and I always get inspired by her when I see her at a party.

Daisy, Miss Prissy & all the ladies who bug the fuck the out

Ciara because she can get so loose with it

Samba dancer from Capoeira Brasil.

and of course Janet is a light

Dancing is why I didn't stay depressed. It has been the basis of three friendships. It's such a celebratory act. An ancient expression. Been with me since I was real little (I'm one of those people who never grew out of dancing in my chair when I eat something really good.) I love it most when it encompasses all kinds of styles and responds to all kinds of rhythms within one song.

Speaking of dancing...
It's weird to know that this will be the first time in ten years that I won't be at Winter Music Conference. Of course there's a part of me that really wants to go, that's scared I'll miss the best conference so far, but something bigger tells me I will make myself miserable while I'm down there and that my mind's just not in the right place to truly enjoy myself. And I can't afford to pay all that money and not have a good time. Conference is still about dancing and hearing new music, but it's undeniably more and more exclusive each year... and I can't stand that. But I hope folks do have a great time. I'm sure I'll hear stories. Yes, I'll be jealous, but I'm going with my gut and keeping my butt in Brooklyn.


PurpleZoe said...

Thanks for posting this. Love Wunmi and the kids from Rize. That Samba dancer is seriously no joke as well.

I wanted to give a heads up also about these two spots:

You might find them very diggable.
Give me a shout if you join. They have a chill vibe and might be good for your pen.

Love&Light B!

ahnka said...

I try to be that samba dancer every time I go out. Not quite there yet.

I will check out those spots, thanks for the recommendations.