Tuesday, February 5

Brown Skin Lady Arts: Baker 1 & 2

At a Kwanzaa celebration, I met Mya B. & her son. They were hawking her documentary, Silence: In Search of Black Female Sexuality. The film explores our collective, historical silence around the topic of sexuality. While a little dated, it's a great effort from a young filmmaker. But the first time I took note of her was when she was in front of the camera, on that brilliant but short-lived show, Can't Get A Date? on vh1. Her now 10-year old son, Malakot - who gave me a pack of incense after I bought the DVD and told me, "You should definitely burn this while you're watching the film." - was the highlight of her episode of CGAD. The kid was, and still is, hilarious:

And then, I'd just like to make a nod to one of my heroines...

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