Saturday, February 2

Brown Skin Lady Arts: Honeywood/Simpson/Catlett

For BHM, I'm thinking I should just share the work of some female artists of African descent. No real commentary or critique - I'm more about artists' statements and raw impressions.
In high school and then when I first moved to New York, I'd spend a couple hours in various museum gift shops just flipping through African-American art books. I come from a very beautiful people.

So here's for yesterday, today & tomorrow:

Varnette Honeywood, painter & illustrator

"Generations of Creative Genius"

& my favorite, "Dixie Peach"

Coreen Simpson, photographer & jewelry designer



Elizabath Catlett, printmaker & sculptress


"Latch Key Child"


NYC Teaching Fellow said...

excellent, excellent post.. respect..

ahnka said...

thank you kindly.
teach the babies!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful artwork sistren! I have seen that second piece before, it is such a great piece!

I do the same thing, I love going to bookstores and flipping through books featuring African American artists.:)