Friday, January 25

The only thing about my job that I wasn't at all prepared for is the ugliness it has brought out of me.

I want to become the compassionate, patient, non-yelling teacher I was my first year. But the day-in, day-out disrespect, coupled with the absence of support, has me thinking that may never happen.

but I said I'd end with some positivity...
In my heart I know this too shall pass.
It has a been a miserable week (which is actually kinda funny because it was the week I'd been waiting for since September), but it's now Friday night. I have Netflix movies and banana crisps and dark chocolate chips from Trader Joe's.


Myra B said...

Hey B, Myra B--love your blog. I'm adding your link too! Much respect and love sis.

NYC Teaching Fellow said...

hey- thanks for stopping by my blog..

i have those weeks too. i feel you about how no matter the type of week it was fridays are a wonderful thing to look forward too.. friday evenings are great after a tough teaching week... i have a lot of posts on your blog to catch up on ..


Anonymous said...

I can feel you in regard to the only unexpected thing being the ugliness that has come from within. I haven't been teaching very long at all, but I try with all of me not to yell at children. About two weeks ago, things definitely got the best of me, and I didn't like what I saw coming out of me. I was turning into one of those bullying teachers that I've not really been too fond of. Fortunately, an unexpected moment with a few of my students brought me back, but it definitely was a scary experience for me because while in the fire, I wasn't sure if I'd be able to break from it or not.

Anyway, you have a wonderful blog!

Peace & Blessings,

ahnka said...

I was turning into one of those bullying teachers that I've not really been too fond of.

This is my greatest fear. And, honestly, some days I'm sure I'm headed down that road... but I don't want to be and I fight it til i can't fight no more.