Tuesday, January 1

Here I Go

Blessings to everyone as we start off a new year. Let's do better and do it beautifully.
This morning, Maria & I, at a coffee shop on Fulton St., talked for 4 hours. A lot of tears and a few revelations. I didn't think I had so much to say. Turns out I'd been waiting for a chance to say it, un-judged.
I have come so far/I have so far to go...
Maybe it will be a year of mantras, meditations, and daily affirmations, corny as those can be.

I ran into a woman who I'd been meaning to contact about (my) emotional well-being. Some therapy maybe, writing communities in the area, workshops women's health. She doesn't live in the area, and my only connection to her was through youknowwho, so when she walked into the coffee shop, I forced myself to get over my shyness and speak. Hopefully, I can just start with from people I already know and begin to branch out. For a few reasons, my time in Brooklyn may soon be up and I'd like to get to know the folks I'm constantly floating around but never conversing with.

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