Friday, January 18

A Day Out

The Great Debaters is good. I took my students to a matinée showing today. It follows the usual, inspiring, based-on-a-true-story, determined Black folk film format, but a well-acted, beautifully shot film about Black folks doing great things, in academic environments, is always welcome*.

I was glad to hear my students making connections to some of the history we discussed earlier in the year, like sharecroppers, unions & Jim Crow. And since September, we've had an ongoing discussion in my classroom about language, voice, silence and testimony. I hope this film afforded them a better understanding of power of words and the ways in which our words can save us.

On the subway ride back, a couple different people asked me if I was the teacher, and seemed perplexed when I answered, "Yes." The kids weren't misbehaving at all, so I guess they were thinking I looked more like the big sister or young mom (chaperoning her son and his eleven friends?) than an educator. Either way, I decided to take it as a compliment.

*It doesn't hurt when Nate Parker gets tons of screen time, including a shirtless moment. The man could get it everyday and three times on Sunday ;)


kameelah said...

i still haven't seen this film, but i am glad you took your students! when people see me with my students, they usually just think i am one of the students ;)

anyhoo--i am loving the new banner--what is the image of? i think you've inspired me to redesign a bit :)

ahnka said...

Hi Kameelah,

Lots of my students' parents have thought I was another student. A few even scoffed when I introduced myself. One asked, "Are you kidding? How old are you?" It's amusing.

Thanks. At the bottom of my blog page is the info about the photo. Seydou Keita, my favorite photographer, took the portrait. It's called "Girls on Bike".

TruEssence said...

I have heard some great things about "The Great Debaters" I am hoping to see it soon.

I have been by your space a number of times, and I always enjoy reading your thoughts! I love the new look!:)

ahnka said...

Thank you.