Saturday, December 8

Grad School Woes...

Since I am a Teaching Fellow, I am also a grad student.
We have no say in which university we receive our degree from. I'm not lying when I tell you my junior year in high school was more intellectually challenging than this. I don't feel like I've earned the degree I'm receiving. It will be the second commencement ceremony I skip out on, only this time it's out of embarrassment, not exhaustion.
I'm five semesters in, that's about a dozen professors, and I've only met one who has treated me like a grad school student and not a charity case or a burden. She's smart, she takes herself and the discourse of the class seriously, and she's set high expectations for us and the quality of our work (there's really no room to procrastinate/bullshit). It's no surprise that she is easily the least-liked professor among my cohort. I won't lie. I show off in class and it gets on people's nerves. I smile proudly when my papers are returned. I am eagerly trying to distance myself from most of my classmates. I now find myself in the company of the show-offs I couldn't stand during earlier semesters.
I am sooo fed up with this program, it's lifeless courses that last for hours, the clear diversions from meaningful discussions about socioeconomics & our classrooms, and, especially, the administrators.
But complaining ain't gonna make it go any faster. I'm a firm believer of education being what we make of it. So I'm gonna keep showing off and I guess it'll be over before I know it.

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havestrength said...

girl, i got thisclose to leaving my grad program while i was writing the thesis they insisted on basically scripting-- somehow graduate programs in education don't seem to expect much for their students, and it is really a shame.

do what you can and raise yourself a little bit on the payscale. i think we have to do all of our learning on our own. :(