Thursday, November 1


A few of my favorite things...

1. mangoes
My favorite fruit and a staple of my childhood. Mangoes are super delicious and they're versatile: mango tarts. mango chutney. mango sorbet. mango granita. mango "chicken" from veggie palate. mango butter. mango lassi. All so yummy. But, of course, nothing beats a nice ripe mango from the tree in my mama's backyard.

2. rings by Christine J. Brandt
In my eyes, she makes some of the most beautiful jewelry in the world.

3."squashed" gold earrings
Unpretentious, unstuffy earrings by Judy Geib .

4. Knappa lamp
Of the few things I've bought from IKEA, I feel like this has been my best purchase. It's a nod to nature and it's beautiful. I bought a dimmer switch for mine and the whole mood of my apartment changed.

5. quilts of Gees Bend
another beautiful moment in Black History ;)

6. dragonflies
I love summertime in Miami, especially the super hot afternoons, because they dragonflies are all over. Even though I told myself no more tattoos and there's really no spot on my body that I want to put another tattoo, I'd love to have a little dragonfly somewhere.

7. Florence by Tocca
The hints of tuberose and bergamot are very pretty, but soft enough to not be overbearing. And the bottle's nice too.

8. Tea blossoms
I think it's such a great idea, especially if you have a nice teapot or large teacup to show them off. You can buy them at Violet.

9. Paul Colin's paintings of Josephine Baker
Shimmy, shimmying all around...

10. orchids
I feel kinda lucky that I have a green thumb with orchids. My aunt was a magician with hers, they just grew and bloomed and grew and bloomed all year. She taught me some tricks.

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