Monday, June 11

What Can I Do

The underlying theme is that we are capable of doing anything when we feel attacked.
I lost my mind outside his apartment that one beautiful weekend, in front of his neighbors, his family. He told me later that he didn't even recognize me. "I'd never seen you behave like that. I didn't know you could. You were going crazy and I thought, Wow, what else is she capable of?"
Then I began reading A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah. He has spoken about humans being capable of doing the worst of the worst, but also of being able to return to humanity, to be able to feel happiness and love.
Today my course on adolescent behavior also focused on what we do when we feel endangered.
I had dinner with Maria Full of Grace after class and told her about what I feel capable of doing when I'm joyful.
Right now, I could brutalize one person I have love for and celebrate the existence of another that I hardly know.

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