Tuesday, June 26

"It's Just Music, Ya Dig?"

Yesterday, I went to the Apple store 3 hours early for my appointment with a "genius." One of them told me I'd still have to wait til my original appointment time, 9 pm, but before I could get annoyed, I looked over and saw a sign that Martin Luther was performing in-store at 6.
So five minutess later, I'm sitting pretty in my seat, feeling really lucky, happy that I'll finally see him live, for free, and Mike sits down next to me, talking bout "Sorry, I'm late." He showed me a thousand pictures he's taken of most of the people on rotation on my ipod (that didn't work anymore) and then Martin Luther came out. Sunglasses, hat (that I want), sweeet sweeeeet voice of his. His first set, just him and his guitar, was beautiful. And the photos from Across The Universe projected behind him, all of it just made me feel at peace. The second set was crazy. Black folks rocking out in the Apple store? I loved it. Gang.sta was amazing. And his rendition of Heart-Shaped Box... I wish I could get a recording of it... so good.
My best friend caught the second half. We had dinner. Apple gave me a new ipod. I tell myself all the time, things happen for a reason.
Tomorrow's the last day of school. Never did talk to him. Never really had the opportuity (after I decided I wouldn't miss anymore). Things happen for a reason? I just want to leave him with a compliment and the hope I see him in the fall. I'd love for more, believe me, I wish for more, try to put it out in the universe, but a sweet see you later is fine with me.


jb said...

I was at that show. Front row. ML rocks!

ahnka said...

I was in the third row because I thought if I sat in the front, I'd wouldn't be able to hide the fact that I was completely smitten. He was amazing.