Monday, March 26


I don't think there are words for how amazing Miami was, but I'll try.
My hometown treated me so well. Mytan sunshine lines are deep, skin three shades deeper. Sunshine, wind & rain cleansed. And the music... I have a new favorite dj. I have a rekindled loved.
I wish I had pictures of every place we danced, everyone we danced with. Apparently, I looked hot cuz I had a whole lotta of photos taken of me... I suppose they're somewhere round these parts (but I won't be looking). I have such beautiful friends. Made new ones. Vintage dresses, huge earrings, sandals and a smile will get you far.
It was emotional. It was unnerving to see NY all over the place (and now that I'm back, Miami seels like a good dream). Men made eyes. Shit, ladies made eyes. Skin sticky, rubbing together, sometimes by accident, mostly on purpose. A mojito in one hand, cell in the other, body forever moving. I've been seeing the same kids for six years all over Brooklyn, but finally hugged and shook hands on the beach. It's crazy.
I felt free and homesick and beautiful and ridiculously brand new and alone all at once.

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