Tuesday, February 6

White dolls weren't allowed in my house.

Kiri Davis' documentary leaves audiences stunned.

I'm not surprised. Saddened, annoyed, but not surprised.
I am impressed by this teenager's inquiry and I'm looking forward to the work she produces later on (if she's still an aspiring filmmaker.)


havestrength said...

fashion week has bitten you, and just won't let go! you're making me oh-so-sad about my self-imposed "saving for california" budget, dude.

hope your last week at school isn't too painful :)


ahnka said...
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ahnka said...

Fashion Week is an escape for me. I get inspired easily. It's sad but I use clothing as a reward for "hard work". I'll have a fabulous wardrobe if I don't quit or get fired before the school year ends. This week is gonna be tough. Thank God Tuesday's only a half day for the kids. My weeks are only rough when I don't have all my lessons figured out. Their skills and levels are all over the place; setting up a framework feels impossible. I know they key really is to plan plan and plan some more. But it's hard to motivate myself to do it, and when I do, *gasp* nothing does as planned.

Anyway, have a nice time in Cali. Make the most of your trip, and the time spent with your company. Bring back some warmth!