Monday, March 23

A Room Full of Women

If nothing else, my weekends are glorious.

I was invited to attend the first what I'm sure will be many uplifting women's gatherings. A room full of community seekers, brown women, so many spots on the globe represented, so. many. stories. We shared personal affirmations. My list grew from two to twenty as everyone spoke. Talk of one dream re-birthed more than I can count. Such an honor to be within.

A willing commitment to trust, healing and expression.

Nothing this good has come around in a minute.

Thank you ladies. Thank you so much.


susan said...

Come on. What kind of gathering was it? Will it be a regular activity?

ahnka said...

hi susan.
it was a "sister circle" as the organizer put it. she pulled tgether a group of her friends in hopes of building a supportive and nurturing community for us. it's dope. everyone was committed to making it a regular thing so, hopefully, yes.

Thinking Aloud said...

I was in a group like that when I was in N.Y. It was called "Sisters supporting Sisters". We would talk, share, connect, and enjoy the company of each other.
I miss that.