Monday, January 12

Recent Attitude

Fuck teaching.
I wanna dance.


::[kameelah]:: said...

really, what do we do with our 'fuck teaching' moments when they sometimes extend into 'fuck teaching' funks?

havestrength said...

try our best to remember why we're there?

i dunno, this year has been very, very hard for me, but i believe that i go back for reasons unrelated to my paycheck...most of the time. :)

amber said...

I SO feel that.

Interesting that most of my students would probably say the same thing about school a lot of the time.

Maybe we should all just forget it and dance instead.

Rethabile said...

That's a noble feeling. If you can't dance you can't teach. But right now, I'd gladly swap places with you: I wanna teach!