Thursday, December 4

I'm It

I've been chosen by Amber of Smart Went Crazy, But Where Did You Go? (read her post "Note passin'"... hilarious) to do a lil' something. I've never been "tagged" before, but I can give y'all seven random things.

01. I once shaved my head partly because I wanted a guy to stop flirting with me. It worked.

02. I LOVE fat free fig newtons.

03. If I'd attended a middle school like the one I currently work in, I wouldn't have survived the bullying. I'm sure I would've tried to kill myself.

04. I was once held hostage, at gunpoint, along with my kindergarten classmates, by a student's crazy stepfather.

05. My movie star crush:

photo credit: Jorge Bispo

06. One of the biggest turn-ons of my life was watching my love play fight with the instructor at the capoeira class last weekend. Tall, sweaty, shirtless, muscular black men in a roda? God is good.

07. I want to take a day off to just sleep in.

Okay. So that's that. I am tagging anyone who feels like sharing. Have a lovely night.

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