Sunday, September 14

Sunday Shine* { Bills }

Wow. I spent $545 this morning paying my bills. This is not a complaint. I'm thankful I can pay all of my bills on time every month. I do not take the bill opening-checking writing moments for granted. Sure I teach because it's fun and it challenges me. But I also teach because I gotta pay my bills. Real talk. It's not a good time to be worrying about money. I can't stand when other teachers insist that a steady check has nothing to do with it. Liars.
There are other benefits too: The cab driver only charged me five dollars for a $16 ride. We talked about being teachers (he was one in St. Thomas before he moved here - he currently directs a youth music program), he gave me a "teacher discount" and a copy of the dub cd he was listening to. He goes on my growing list of wonderful cab drivers that I wish I could call every time I need to get home at 3 in the morning.

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