Monday, September 8


This is possibly my favorite Ursula Rucker track. I had no idea there was a video for it though. She makes videos?

A positive but slow day. I remembered there is so much curricula I gotta get out of the way before I can do my stuff. Can't wait til' February. Yeah, I said February. That's when I can break free from the shackles of state exam and units of study I'd rather not teach. Of course, bits and pieces of what I love - Black lit, hip hop, folktales, jazz - trickles into the units developed by the literacy coach, but I'd like to dive into the units I created. I feel when I have that opportunity, I'll finally feel a love for what I do (or finally be assured classroom teaching isn't for me). I'm not looking forward to the "constructive" criticism I'm sure I'll receive from the coach, but I've got two words for her. I'll share them later.

And I just wanted to share this: Yesterday my friend pointed out to me that Cee-lo Green sounds like Nina Simone. He's right!

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