Tuesday, June 24

About To Be

There are a total of one and a half more school days left. Then, my eight-week summer vacation starts. But wouldn't you know I have one final course to complete for my master's program. It's on teaching literacy. So really, my summer vacation is truly a vacation for three and a half weeks.

Yes, I'm going to Miami to hang out with my parents for a minute. Then up West Palm to see my sister and her babies. L & I will probably drive up to Maine like we did two years ago. And maybe weekend in the Hamptons since a professor offered her beach rental.
But first and foremost I am going back to me.

My new doctor (who is amazing by the way) broke it down for me in her office this afternoon. Basically, she said I'm going to be the early death of me if I don't relax. Well I wanna talk shit on my porch and spoil my grandbabies, so for those three weeks, relaxing and playing is all you'll catch me doing.


I've been having some truly awkward run-ins with these Brooklyn boys. The born-and-bred are the only ones I've dated since I moved up here. I like them because they aren't caught up in the scene - all that house dancing, Wonder-full worshipping, and Soul Summit-ing is too bougie to them - but they come with their own rituals that I don't always understand.

I wish I could invite them all over for dinner like Nola, only in my case, they'd all get along just fine. Curry tofu, rice and peas, coconut water and a blunt while they talk in pidgen about the shame of me being the potential wife they weren't ready for yet. I reflected and realized I've been given this little speech by all of them. I will never forget/forgive K's explanation of how I was "perfect" and that he was too young to settle for perfection.


As one of my students pointed out this afternoon, "You're not a fighter, Ms. B. You'd run." If only I would. I am a lover always and forever.

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