Monday, February 18

I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane...

I leave for Cali tomorrow morning. Glad I got to enjoy the 60-degree weather here in NYC today, though. I trimmed my afro and went on a shopping spree. $60 = a jacket, flats, earrings & a bag, all on sale at Old Navy, of all places. I saw the flats in the store window and had to have them. Last time I checked, most of the clothes were ill-fitting. (Oh! And then I met Andre J. on my way to Whole Foods. I met one of my personal heroes! He looked amazing and I told him, but I also wanted to tell him I have never seen such skinny legs in my life!) My only agenda while I'm away is to have little adventures. My friend Katia wrote up a little day time exploration for me filled with pretty places & good food. This is what a break is supposed to be. Peace.

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