Sunday, September 30

Sunday Shine* { Tick, Tock...}

I remember when the doctor told me, "You're healthy. Your body is strong. This is prime time for you,"
My body agreed with her and lets me know almost every day. My womb is screaming "What's the hold up?" I think it's mad at me. K and I are always careful, and maybe that's the problem. I think his body is ready too because it's playing tricks with the condoms. We've had a few close calls.
Last night, K and I passed six pregnant women in the span of 3 minutes. He says he didn't notice. "He tells me I noticed because I'm a woman. Maybe. And I'm convinced we passed more who just weren't showing yet. I remember walking around with that secret. I only worried about it when I wanted something to eat, which was all the time. I didn't try to explain cravings or the overwhelming appetite. Some women, I think, picked up on it right away, but had enough grace not to comment on it.
I'd like to have a baby in the spring or summer of 2010. Maybe by then Barack will be changing things for the better, maybe the pay raise for teachers will finally allow us to live comfortably, maybe we'll have started changing our nasty consumer habits on a global scale, maybe media and art will be about truth and accountability and not about money. Maybe. Maybe all these babies about to be born will be world-changers. Maybe my future baby would be one too.

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