Sunday, July 29

Sunday Shine* { Go Kiri! }

Though I'm late with it, I am happy to spread the news that Kiri Davis won the CosmoGirl "Take Action Hollywood Film Contest" and will receive a $10,000 grant to continue her work in the field. Kiri's short film, A Girl Like Me, explores social constructs around skin color, from the perspectives of adolescent girls of color. She is the same young woman who re-conducted Dr. Kenneth Clark's doll test.
I'm happy a film like this is out there now, and was brought to us by a young soul. I'm definitely sharing it with the students sometime during the school year. It will definitely spark a dialogue and perhaps even move one or two to start finding out where they come from. Kiri, and all the girls who testified in the film, and who continue to develop love for themselves, have done us proud.

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