Sunday, June 17

Sunday Shine* { What Matters }

is waking up - without worry, regret, or shame - early to enjoy two sunny days this weekend
is taking very long, aimless walks in the sun
is getting breakfast, lunch and dinner from street vendors
is not feeling like a loser because I'm the only one in my circle who doesn't have someone to wrap my arms around
is being anxious for Soul Summit
is showing off these legs!
is letting people know their rudeness towards me is unnecessary
is making it through 3 hostile confrontations in one hour without feeling the need to cry or even vent about them
is feeling fortunate to have everything I've got, from Ziploc bags to a job at a bad school to each breath I take.

Sometimes I convince myself none of this matters. No thing I do matters at all. Maybe that's true. But, like Gandhi suggested, it is still important that I do these things.

This is the week of my students' graduation.
I am so ready to let them go.

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