Sunday, May 6

Sunday Shine* { Gifts }

Oh it's been a melancholy week.
Being surrounded by happy couples and happy pregnant women has me envious of everyone's life. I've tucked myself in my apartment. I stepped out to dance last night but left after a half hour, too sad to keep enjoying the moment.
But this is time to shine. The weather has been fantastic. I shaved my head on Monday and I've been receiving lots of compliments from everyone.
My birthday isn't until the end of the month, but I showered myself with gifts this weekend:

1. A gold & yellow jade ring from Anthropolgie. They honored the online sale price and I got it fot $60, instead of $250. I've been wanting this ring since last November and when she said I could have it for the sale price, tears came to my eyes. I know it's silly to get emotional over a piece of jewelry, but I did.
2. A red & blue betta fish. I named him James. He is very adorable and he comes up to the surface and blows bubbles when I talk to him. I've been feeding him bloodworms, so you know I'm in love.
3. A little white round bistro table. First Love went to pick it up with me this morning, he carried it back, put it together. And then we ate lunch on it, looking out over my neighborhood.
4. I didn't buy this last gift, but my time spent with him today was really calming. Lots of sun and naps and laughing. He smelled like chocolate. I don't even know where we stand anymore. The lines are very blurry and I'm afraid to ask for definitions. All I know is that I love this man and he loves me and he didn't forget like I thought he did and we are having so much fun together.

The next thing on my list is a roll of "Harlem Toile De Jouy" wallpaper. $127 but it is perfect perfect perfect! I saw this wallpaper that Sheila Bridges designed for her house in the new issue of Domino. I had no idea that it's been all over the press and was even on exhibit at SMH up until a couple months ago. Where was I?

This week: a half day for me on Tuesday because I get to escape to a workshop, Karizma and Wonder-full. I'm pretty sure my spirits will be lifted.

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