Friday, March 16

Over & On

This has been the longest week. DST, state exams, love life revisited... If I hadn't been so emotional I would've probably skipped out on Winter Music Conference this year. But when I feel hurt, I either want to hide and lick my wounds or get lost in a haze of alcohol and dancing with my friends. I've been sober for a minute. My ticket has been purchased. School will be skipped (shh!) and I will be at the beach this weekend, mojito in hand. I'm trying not to feel guilty. Trying to think positive and hope nothing horrible happens to me in Miami. New people to meet, warm weather, music.

My favorite thing to eat these days is a huge bowl of arugula drizzled in olive oil, herbes de provence, fresh lemon juice, shaved parmesean, sea salt and freshly grated pepper. I don't even bother mixing the dressing anymore. Every bite is strong with one flavor. Honestly, I've been eating bowls and bowls of this.

I was gonna write him a letter. Send back the love notes. Cry. But I think I'm done.

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