Thursday, February 22

Cumulus clouds, 84 degees, melodies...

(I hear you, Jill)

Now's one of those times I wish I owned a digital camera because it's too beautiful in Miami. I give thanks that this is my hometown and that I am able to find sacntuary here when New York's winters get a little too rough for me. It feels really good to come home and see my parents snuggled up together after being separated for eleven years, to see them standing in the center of the living room, sipping wine amidst plaster and cardboard boxes. They're remodeling the house, tearing down walls, opening it up to even more sunlight, making a space for their retirement. Bright. It's just always so bright when I'm down here. I sleep well. Sing "Melanin"to myself as I wake up. So nice to see the avocado tree is healthy again, new buds. My frangipani doubled in size. The dandelion patch flourishing. I can sit outside in a tank top and flip flops and basically forget it all, forget that I'll be back in Brooklyn Friday night, no doubt cursing the cold (and I don't just mean the weather).

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