Tuesday, January 30

The Hump

We're beginning our unit on dreams to keep them conscious of the voices of empowerment, legacy and history (their ignorance disgusts me). But as I ask them about personal dreams, things they are determined to achieve, I gotta hold back my own tears. I thought this was it. I was wrong wrong wrong.

Wednesdays. If I can make it through Wednesday, I'm alright. I have been exhausted this week. Got no patience. Really, I'm screaming at the kids over anything. "Chiiiiiiiiiill Ms B." That's all I hear. That's all I need to hear. So I think I'll trudge through tomorrow... I think there might be one or two saving graces, a break here and there where I can pull myself together, hold it down til 2:50. And I think I'll take Thursday off. I am truly tired. Can't think straight...leaving the stove on, forgetting my wallet, forgetting names of people I talk to every day. I'm even more tired of the yelling (thiers, mine, everyone elses), the interruptions, their attitude towards every goddamn thing. I'm tired of this new person I've become, who forces smiles, diverts her eyes and laces each and every word with sarcasm.

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