Thursday, February 28

I have to return to work in an hour for the evening session of parent-teacher conferences. I felt hungry, so I came home, but I don't want to eat what's in my fridge or cupboards. Today, things like nutritional yeast and tofu do not appeal to me. I am craving bay scallops sauteed in garlic and olive oil, with a massive authentic Caesar salad - with the egg yolk and shaved parmesan and anchovies! - on the side.


C said...

I love how specific your craving was. I also really love your banner and the simple prettiness of your site.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I came here via I am a Cohort 14 YC Teaching Fellow's blog.

I feel you re: not wanting to eat what's on hand, though what's on hand is "good for you." Especially if one has to return to campus. It's almost like giving yourself the last meal before the execution, aka parent conferences.

So, what did you eat?

ahnka said...


Thank you!
miss profe,

Hm... I'm pretty sure I ended up eating a smoked tempeh-lettuce-tomato--alfafa sprouts-vegan mayo sandwich. It was delicious, but when I spell it out like that, I feel kinda unsatisfied.